Introducing our Christmas party entertainment!

Everyone looks forward to Christmas if only for the parties, and we can say we have attended maybe just a few….? Putting on a Christmas party for your employees is one of the best ways to say thank you. It rewards all the hard work and breaks down some of the office barriers. When you see your boss with animal face paint, your co-workers strutting their stuff on the dance floor or Janet from HR posing for the roaming photo booth then you know it will be a party to remember. Like you, we know that Christmas party entertainment is super important. The photos and memories are all part of Christmas and when everyone has a great time then you know it’s good for the company as well.

People love to get involved!

Here at Candy Queens HQ we are putting all our most colourful efforts into new entertainment for Christmas parties and events. And if you’ve had a look around our new website then you’llย  see we have a great range of immersive and interactive fun ready and waiting to create the best parties for you. If you, like us, know that the success of a party depends on the experience of each individual then you’ll be interested in seeing what we have in store!


Entertainment for everyone

People love to be personally entertained, to get involved in something happening right before their eyes, and to interact with performers and each other on a playful level, bringing out the inner child. Our Games Usherettes and Luxury Games Parlour are the perfect way to do this. With our bespoke, stylish games booths we can create a relaxed and intimate games area within your event. Perfect for those who want to meet and chat, play and interact. A unique experience with a luxury feel, encouraged by our games hostesses is a unique way to do this. For the full effect, mix our games booths with roaming games usherettes – our costumed Queens will make sure everyone has the most fun possible.

Create a ‘Party within the Party” – roaming entertainment

If you would rather have roaming entertainment then we believe in taking the entertainment to every part of the event with our roaming Games Usherettes. Our fabulous costumed performers are experts in encouraging play, creating moments of silliness and connection, and as a bonus, they look amazing! Think social media – why not create a hashtag for your event so everyone can see what fun you had! OR… would you like a photo booth but bored of the same old thing? Take a look at our roaming photo booth which blends entertainment and interaction with photos and fun. Who doesn’t love a wig and a selfie? We use a retro Polaroid camera for that extra fabulous touch, and guests can keep or swap their photos – great candid memories to keep in your wallet.

Get excited and get in touch

Why not have a look around our site, and build your party. Choose from a number of interactive options as well as colourful sweet treats, and we are happy to discuss your themes and dreams. Ask us to share our experience – we can recommend the best option for your guest demographic. We are experienced in the best choice of entertainment for every type of venue – night club or country park and everything in between! If you have questions we would love to hear from you so drop us a line and tell us about your party.