hire glitter boutique for events and parties



Get the party started with our fabulous Glitter Boutique! Transform your guests, bring out their wild side
and release their alter egos! From gold glittery leopard to outrageous peacock, fabulous glitter beard to
holographic disco Queen, the Glitter Experience will bring out the party person in everyone.


Everyone loves glitter, it’s almost a fact! Glitter make-overs have been a strong festival style since 2010 when Candy Queens developed the very first touring festival Glitter Boutique. In 2014 when Vogue declared glitter a Summer ‘must have’, we responded by creating our very own glitter make over experience, bringing the VIP festival treatment to private and corporate events.

The Glitter Boutique now seems to be a staple requirement for every celebration and we have been providing our clients with a fabulous experience all year round. And if you thought that glitter was only for the ladies….with an almost constant procession of guys at every event asking for Glitter Beards, we can prove you wrong! We’re pretty sure that we started this masculine trend way back in 2010 in our little festival Glitter Boutique at Boomtown Fair Festival…….

The 2018 Candy Queens Glitter Boutique is a unique experience. Give us a corner of your venue and with a sequin sparkly backdrop and twinkling lights, we will create an immersive environment for your guests to step right into, bringing an exciting VIP touch to your party. Our friendly, professional artists will consult with your guests to make each look completely unique, and we are even able to adapt our make up to your theme!

Witness the amazing power of ‘Grown Up Glitter’, bringing people out of their shells and transforming the whole party into a glittering cavalcade, and by the end of the night everybody will be smiling from ear to ear. If this sounds like your kinda party then let’s talk!