Tips for the best product launch ever!

For the best product launch party ever, the first and absolute necessity is: – have the best product ever! If you’re a shoe fanatic then you’ll be well aware of Irregular Choice’s gorgeously outrageous styles and flamboyant shop interiors. (If not then check out their Insta feed!) Which self respecting style Queen hasn’t stopped in front of the window of one of their stores and dreamed up the perfect outfit for THAT pair of shoes? So, we couldn’t have been happier when our all time favourite shoe brand Irregular Choice called us up to chat about their upcoming product launch.

Disney Toy Story collaboration was perfect for Candy Queens!

Their most recent collab with Disney launched in May. With Toy Story themed shoes, boots and accessories the VIP launch was to take place in their Carnaby street store. The Irregular Choice store decor was perfect for Candy Queens, and what better treat for the VIP guests than our Glitter Boutique and flashing candy floss while they shop? Our sparkly costumes and Glitter Boutique decor matched the store so well, people wondered if we’d taken the flowers from the displays! We can truly say that the Irregular Choice and Disney Toy Story theme was perfect for Candy Queens!

Glitter, candy floss, a nail bar and a DJ? Partaaay!

Downstairs a DJ spun the tunes, while people shopped the new look, boogied and got glittered by our talented glitter artists. The atmosphere was super fun all night, with people bonding over shoes (!) and admiring each others’ outfits while waiting for their glitter make overs. Upstairs the new range was unvelied to VIPs only, right next to our Glowing LED candy floss stand. Food treats and a nail bar were also on the menu, and there was a great atmosphere in the crowded shop from the offset with queues forming outside throughout the night. (See how our Glitter Boutique works here.)

So what are our top tips for the best product launch party ever?

Apart from ‘have the best product ever’ (!) our top tips are: invest in people, bring them an engaging experience, make them smile, show your loyal fan base that you appreciate them, get personal and GET PEOPLE INVOLVED! In our experience, people love to get involved rather than just watch something happen. Make your guests feel special, treat them and give them an experience to shout about, then they will be your best promoters. Impress them with something personal and tailored to them. In this instance, the Candy Queens style and offerings fitted perfectly with the customer demographic for Irregular Choice, we didn’t even need to theme our costumes! Guests were mainly gorgeous females with a definite look – some guys as well! – every guest really enjoyed their glitter make over, being pampered and meeting other fun peeps in a VIP environment. The proof that everyone enjoyed themselves was how full the shop was at the end of the night, and how many of those gold Irregular Choice bags were walking out the store!

How can Candy Queens add the secret ingredient to your launch?

Seen it all before?

So you want your event to be something really special, different and unique, but how do you achieve that? We know that in the entertainment industry, sometimes the experience of the individual can be forgotten in favour of an all-singing-all-dancing extravaganza. A common complaint from our over stimulated society can be “Seen it all before” and “it was nothing special”. We often hear our clients say they want something different, a change of scenery, something personal and interactive, unique and tailored to their needs, not off the shelf.

The secret to a great experience is….

This is why we like to bring it right back to basics, with our own tried and tested special ingredients – we know that the secret to a great experience is engagement. We love to laugh with people, we love to bring people together and make them smile. We love to meet people and make them feel special, and we love to do this wearing amazing cocktail dresses and covered in glitter.

Our entertainments are within small group settings so that we reach every guest at the party. Roaming games, static games booths, glitter make overs, and we even have a roaming, interactive Polaroid team ready to style and snap you!
For the last 6 years we have been trusted by big name brands and agencies as well as private clients to bring this 1 to 1 element to their events. Sometimes we will be the main activity for a smaller party, and sometimes for a large corporate event we will be the special pocket of discovery in amongst the other entertainment, but we always make sure that people have fun.


The power of people! We aim to bring 1 to 1 interaction and experience, laughing, smiles and connecting people. Our aim is to bring this to every party we attend – wearing the most fabulous dresses we can find! So create a remarkable experience and make your party the one everyone is talking about. Let us take care of your guests, let us BANISH BORING PARTIES FOREVER!