So you’re planning a party?

You’re planning a party and you want it to be the best, most memorable event of the year. You want fun, entertainment, friends and colleagues, laughter and most of all you want it to be the party everyone is talking about. You have the perfect venue, the ideal guest list and the best DJ in town….now for the entertainment!

You want entertainment with a difference!

When it comes to entertainment, we are drowning in choices. You could go for a big stage show, drag queens and a covers band, or are you more interested in an alternative to the usual. Something which adds the personal touch and shows that you want to create a truly memorable experience. So instead of simply providing a show, have you considered one-to-one, inclusive acts which roam the event? Roaming acts mean that your guests can interact with live performers and really feel they are experiencing the entertainment.

Entertainment to make your party pop!

So you’re looking for entertainment with a difference, and an alternative approach which includes all your guests. This may be something to complement a show, but definitely something new and different – entertainment to make your party pop!! It’s tried and tested – people react positively to experiences which are inclusive and interactive. This means they are more likely to remember and enjoy positive, long lasting memories, and talk about your event to others when they are involved in an experience.

What can Candy Queens offer?

Here at Candy Queens we are all about providing a fun, inclusive and positive experience, one that guests will truly enjoy and remember for a long time. Currently our most popular act is the Roaming Games Usherettes – interactive games on trays provided by our friendly hostesses. Building on this runaway success we listened to suggestions from clients, and put our own twist on a party favourite. Let me introduce you to our newest act, our own twist on a roaming photo booth – The Roaming Polaroid Girls!

The Candy Queens Roaming Photo Booth

Our Roaming Polaroid Team is a totally new experience which rolls all the party essentials into one – entertainment, interaction, dressing up, VIP stylists, photographs and of course the guests. This is something much cooler than the standard photo booth experience, and even the least outgoing guests will want to get involved when they see our trolley full of alter egos!

Our 2 character hostesses will roam your event, and unlike a traditional photo booth, they have the freedom to approach guests. Providing friendly encouragement and fun, they will create smiles and laughter whilst styling your guests from our prop trolley full of quirky, strange and unusual props, wigs and disguises. The results are an instant Polaroid image (and everyone loves a Polaroid!) which guests will treasure. We’ve seen these swapped, slipped into wallets and best of all – used as introduction cards with a phone number scribbled on the back!

Create a ‘Party within the Party’!

Perfect for small or crowded venues, our roaming photo booth girls take up no room at all. Alternatively if your venue has a number of rooms then the Polaroid Girls can add interest to quieter areas creating a ‘party within the party’ wherever they go! Let’s face it, everyone loves a selfie, and (nearly) everyone loves to dress up! The roaming photo booth provides a Polaroid photo of you and your friends in silly wigs having fun, which says everything! And the best thing of all – it’s instant!

Having a themed event? Talk to us and we can look at adapting the roaming photo booth styling trolley to your theme – perfect for that last minute cherry on the top! We are experts at knowing just what your guest demographic will want, and we can advise when best to start the 3 hour session. You can contact us to ask questions with no obligation at all, we just love to talk parties!